Welcome and thanks for visiting my website. Here you will find pictures of my past and present scrimshaw & engraving work along with links to any items I currently have for sale. If you have any questions or would like to know more about myself or my art please feel free to drop me an email.

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Links to a couple GRS feature photos articles telling a little about me and showcasing a few of my past projects. Beauty is In the Eye... work by Ron Luebke Jr.

An Artists Trade... work by Ron Luebke Jr.

I'm currently available for custom/commission work. Prices vary greatly depending on size and complexity of work. Email me at to inquire about any projects you have in mind.

Ron Jr. Scirmshaw, Nude, blond, Poker Chip, card protector, ball marker, sexy, babe, lingerie, on knees
Ron Jr. Bulino, hand Engraved, Poker Chip, ball marker, card protector, yin yang, cougar

Bulino engraving on 1.5" dia. nickel silver poker chip

Scrimshaw on 1.5" dia. poker chip

Bulino engraved skull on a Seiko 5 Sports SNZG15 fitted with a custom argentium silver dial.

I get asked about bulino engraving and it's characteristics all the time. It's very difficult to explain in words to someone unfamiliar with it IMO so I made this short video. In it, it shows how when the watch/engraving is directly facing the light (coming from behind my right shoulder) it reflects off the bottom of the tiny bulino engraving cuts making them shine and then when the watch/engraving is turned at an angle from the light it creates shadows in those tiny cuts to show the image rendered in black and white using only light and shadow. Something I've always found very cool is as the light angle changes you can see the effect the light reflection has on the engraving, a sort of hologram effect. Hope this helps make things clearer for those unfamiliar with this unique engraving style.